• Minimum payout is 20 Burst
  • Outstanding Pending is paid once a week, regardless of total.


  • Pool fee is 0.75%
  • 50 Burst for every 5 blocks we win are used for a ticket in Ant Lotto on behalf of the pool
  • Transaction fee is 0.5% (or minimum 1 burst as required by the network)
  • Payment is within 2 blocks when pool has positive balance

Cumalative share reduction is 90%

if pool has a balance (lets say 10000 burst), 1000 are distributed for miner proportional to their shares for the current block as payment, the rest of the 9000 burst will be allocated to previous rounds, at a 90% reduction per round for as far back as last won block, or 250 rounds, whichever is least.

No Deadline limit

deadline value from miner is converted into share value using this equation
share = 1000 / ( NetDiff * Deadline + 1 ) 0.75
where NetDiff (network difficulty) is calculated by Block0-BaseTarget / Block#N-BaseTarget

note : We have no share penalty.

Excess Fund Redistribution

Rounding errors cause pool balances to increase over time. To counter this, the Pool will pay Total Balance - Pending - 3000 buffer, or the block reward, whichever is greater. This method also is how Ant Pool winnings are distributed.